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Fuji Glass Teapot with Filter 18oz

£17.50 ex VAT

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Fuji 18oz Glass Teapot by FORLIFE

This has got to be the best glass teapot we have ever offered, quality materials and manufacturing.

The branded stainless steel removable lid with it`s very clever integrated fine fitter sits tightly to the glass teapot utilising a silicone seal ensuring the hot tea can only escape via the non drip spout.

Designed specifically for loose leaf tea and herbal teas allowing the true colours of the infusion to be shown at their best.

The Teapot is easily cleaned with just 2 parts, the Pot and lid.

With a volume to match the Stump Teapot being 18oz, this Teapot offers a 2 cup portion.

The base diameter matches that also of the 18oz Stump Teapot so once again the Fuji Teapot sits perfectly on the Suki bamboo tea tray.